Topics: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, Industrial Revolution Pages: 4 (452 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Ch 10 The Flourishing Land

Drawing the people together;
- turnpikes, popular early road, toll
- Lancaster-Philadelphia 1790’s
- Cumberland Maryland 1803 – Illinois 1852
- Canal building, Gov. Dewitt Clinton
- Erie Canal, Buffalo-Albany 363 miles, $7m
- Steamboats, Robert Fulton, Clermont
- Oliver Evans, high pressure steam engines, founding father

The Railroads:
- arteries that united the nation
- 1850’s decade of the railroad, Chicago, 9 – 30,000 miles - John Bloomfield Jervis – “Bogie”
- spurred the growth of factories

Samuel Morse invented the electric telegraph

Cyrus W. Field pushed his idea of an underwater telegraph line to Europe, in 1858 it worked briefly

Industrial Revolution:
- British system, enclosures act
- Samuel Slater, 1792
- established a textile factory in Rhode Island
- rise of the factory system
- Industrial revolution helped to bring about a transportation revolution, movement of raw materials

National Economy
- each region would specialize
- Northeast, produced finished goods
- West, wheat and corn
- South, cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar
- Growing population
- Stable government promoted industry

Corporation: when a joint stock company was chartered by a state it became a corporation - Limited liability – Board and shareholders
- increased investment opportunities
- Eli Whitney and his uniformity system/interchangeable system - basis of mass production

The Factory System:
- Francis Cabot Lowell, Waltham Mass., 1813
- the factory town, Lowell, permanent working class
- Northern wages slavery, southern opportunity

American’ Leading Import:
- overcrowding in Europe, political unrest
- 1850’s 2.7 million immigrants

The Irish and the Potato Famine
- potato crop failure 1845, 1846
- 1 million die, 1 million immigrate
- Irish flee English rule

German Immigrants
- when Europe suffered America gained
- flooding and harsh winters
- political refugees
- 1854, 250,000 immigrants
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