Zinn Ch2

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Africa Pages: 1 (180 words) Published: January 11, 2015
2. African slaves were considered “better” in terms of being completely helpless when enslaving compared to the Indians who were “tough, resourceful, and defiant” and were accustomed to the woods when being enslaved. 3. 16th Century Europe was just beginning to develop whereas 16th Century Africa was stable and organized. It contained various advancements that had not been introduced to Europe and was described as “very civil and good-natured…” Both Africa and Europe were based from agricultural and with hierarchies but differed in feudalism where Europe’s was obtained from slave societies from Greece and Rome and Africa’s had not. Africa’s civilization held 100 million people who were skilled in farming and using iron implements and the lords did not have weapons that the lords had. 4. Slaves in Africa had not been completely stripped of their rights (marriage, owing property, own a slave, swear on oath, etc.). Slaves in America had been completely stripped of their rights, families, and had been considered property only. It was the cruelest form of slavery in history. 5. Africans that had become enslaved were held captive
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