A Balanced Use of Educational Media

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A Balanced Use of Educational Media

Is there a balance in multimedia education? I disagree. Has the new wave of technology taken over the classroom? With the fast rise of technology, growing every day I agree that electronic media has its place. Today’s society has a balance of electronic educational media readily available. There is no excuse for American not to be well educated. We have students coming out of high school that cannot read or write, but they are graduating. Are we really well educated? Classroom education is becoming outdated, because America is exposed to an overdose of multimedia. The educational media is now on the rise. What did the world do before there were computers, cell phones, texting, video games, twittering, my space, and Face book? Children would rather watch television all day than pick up a book to read. Television requires little to no effort while reading demands active, cognitive interaction. The internet has taken education from the classroom to the comfort of our homes and our jobs, but there must be a balance. Computers, cell phones, video and audio recordings cannot and should not replace our teachers. That is where there must be a balance. With educational media, we can get flexibility in our busy lives. Children have the options to learn to read, write, and teach themselves right from the internet. At the same time, the internet can teach our children things that they should not have access too. With proper parental guidance, educational media can become very helpful. Computer programs have helped children and adults learn to read and speak foreign languages. Internet programs have taught Americans how to become computer knowledgeable. Multimedia education should be used in a good way. It is not good for children to sit in front of computers all day playing games and texting all day from cell phones. America is lacking in communication skills because we think that texting is more important than one on one...
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