A Diabetis and Bloom's Taxonomy

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A Diabetic and Bloom's Taxonomy
Robin E. Bustraan
November 2, 2011
Darlene Fritsma, MSN, ARNP

A Diabetic and Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom’s Taxonomy of Education is an in-depth study of how people learn and how educators can better teach. Bloom’s taxonomy is a type of classification system, which breaks down the different ways people learn. Benjamin Bloom and a group of educators developed this tool in 1956. Bloom’s taxonomy is used across many disciplines, not just nursing. Bloom’s taxonomy is broken down into three aspects: Cognitive domain, affective domain, and psychomotor domain. This paper will explore how it can be used to educate a diabetic on their disease and how to manage it.

The first domain is the cognitive domain or the tools that the diabetic has to pull from in order to understand their disease. This domain addresses use of memory to retrieve information about their disease process and medications associated with that disease. In the case of a diabetic, nurses can explain how diabetes affects their body, what medications are used to treat this disease, and what tools are needed to managed. The nurse can then quiz the diabetic to make sure that they have understanding of the disease and present some written information for the diabetic to read. The nurse can assess if the diabetic understands what choices need to be made in regards to diet, exercise, and medications to effectively manage their disease.

The second domain is the affective domain or how the diabetic deals with the fact that they have a disease that will need to be closely monitored for the rest of their life. The nurse will need to assess the alertness of the diabetic. Is the diabetic ready to listen to information about the disease and how to manage it? The nurse may need to pay attention to the emotional mood of the diabetic and...

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