A Happy Marriage

Topics: Communication, Marriage, Love Pages: 4 (469 words) Published: December 13, 2014

The Role of Communication for a Happy Marriage
Argenia L. McCray
COM200: Interpersonal Communication
Instructor: Bonnie Stiemke
April 28, 2014

The Role of Communication for a Happy Marriage
Even though things you should not say or do in a marriage. What couples should do to keep a happy marriage. Married couple today constantly think their marriage should not be exchangeable with emotions, feeling, beliefs, regrets, and desires, our communication skill is imperative as stated in our Interpersonal Communication ( Sole, 2011). Speaking about thing we should not do in our marriage this has given me a reality check. I have spent 43 years with my husband, and into this union we bore three beautiful children. We do not always connect on the conversation levels, but we do work it out and come to a great understanding on the situation. Many things you should not do or say to each other. Example: Never say the “S” word “Shout –Up." Always be will t communicate openly. Doing so, you can resolve and discuss unresolved issues when you are calm on mature adults. This help to build a strong and lasting relationship with trust helps your marriage. I agree it is very crucial of self-disclosure in a relationship? When I was under the impression I knew everything about him. The more we get older the more entrusted we are with our personal secrets. Self- disclosure begins when you first meet someone and introduce yourself (Sole, 2011). If you continue interesting in having a deeper relationship with the person and they are willing to disclose more information about yourself (Sole, 2011). Many researches has proven that men and women communicates in different ways. Gender role in our information on male and female is different: example our sexual static). This based on how each was raised up by our parents. Once someone said if you were a boy I would hit you. We were told never to hit girls. Sometimes I...
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