A Theory Critique of Boundaries in Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Family therapy, Psychology Pages: 4 (552 words) Published: March 5, 2012

A Theory Critique of Boundaries in Marriage
Liberty University
Jennifer Miller


The book was about models of having healthy relationships. The biggest talked about in relationships was

one marriage, and how to have a thriving marriage. Boundaries in relationships individuality, personal

integrity and freedom are boundaries they talked about in the book. In relationships

communication is one of the most important traits to have. The book also helps repair

relationships and grows into healthy ones as well.


This book shows that there are obstacles that we need to overcome to have healthy

relationships not only in marriage but with ant relationship. Boundaries must be present in

marriage but also in ever day life. While working with clients clear boundaries are important. We

need to have clear boundaries and make sure they are heard and understood. Without clear

boundaries marriages cannot survive and can end marriages.

The ten laws of marriage that are pointed out in the book should also be used in your

personal or professional lives, “1) sowing and reaping, 2) responsibility, 3) power, 4) respect, 5)

motivation, 6) evaluation, 7) proactively, 8) envy, 9) activity, and 10) exposure” (Cloud & Townsend,

1999, pp. 37-58) but to not follow could have negative consequences in both personal and professional. The

book has parts like Understanding Boundaries, Building Boundaries, Resolving Conflict and Misunderstanding

Boundaries. They pointed out in each chapter what you need to understand boundaries and how to implicate them

into your own life. The skills of enfourcing them are also shown in the book. There are boxes with tips that

can help couples implement healthy boundaries in marriages.


I am not married but, I can see how they book could help make healthy marriages. I know

from my past relationship with my daughter’s father we both could...

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