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Summary of the case

This case shows that in order for Walmart, Sysco, Best Buy and Walgreen to become successful company there are number of challenges for these four company that need for them to be through. In order to become success these company need to become innovative and creative entrepreneur in order to serve their customer needs. Besides , they need to become a risk taker in order for them to becoming one of the successful worldwide company because there will be numbers of ups and down that they need to face in order to sustain in the challenging market. In order to success, these company knows well what kind of business that they are carry for example like Walmart they are specified on retailing service, Sysco on food service provider, Best buy on supplying electronic goods and lastly Walgreen on providing pharmaceutical services. These four companies also is carrying clear vision and mission of their company to become successful company in the market. They also aware with their environment by not just serving their customer on specific product or service but expanding and outsourcing others product and service from others company in order to become one of the competitive to the market.

Question 1
What entrepreneurial processes are evident with these four companies?

The first process that involve within this four companies is identifying the opportunity. This can be shown from the Walmart cases in 2010 where how they recognized the need of their target market on families who in upgrading their home in the midst of struggling economy on that year. Walmart found at that year is the best time for them to push down their strategy on selling complete home trends such as linen of bed, bath, dining and many more at reasonable and affordable price for their customer to purchase. Next is, defining the business concept. This can be found in Walgreen cases where they took major step in the healthcare sector by opening more than 715 convenient 24 hours...
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