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Topics: The Target, Vermiform appendix, Knitting Pages: 3 (727 words) Published: November 9, 2014
Individual Self Reflection Form (Max. 2 A4 pages)
Student Name: Leung Wing Tung Student No.: 53051150

Part A
What are individual goals and how are they achieved through this project?

Since this is a group project, so the most important goal to me is to co-operate well with my group mates. We discuss every detail together and respect the opinions of each other, so that our project can be done smoothly. Moreover, another goal to me is to have a good time management. Since there are plenty of assignments, projects and tests to be done in the same week as this project, so I need to plan everything beforehand carefully so as to meet all the deadlines. Part B

What are the team goals and how are they achieved through this project?

I think the main target of every all our member should be more or like the same, which is to obtain a good grade in this project. In order to achieve this goal, all of us try to best to work on it, including to suggest an idea that can attract investors to invest in our project, improve all the details so as to achieve the best result. Furthermore, since this is a business plan, so we all really aim to attract the investors. Therefore, we always think of the point of view of investors while doing our project. As all of us are young girls who are the same as the target customers, so most of our services are based on our experiences or feelings, which we believe that we will understand the needs of our target customers, so as to convince our investors. Part C

How do you deal with the challenges and difficulties of this project?

The main challenges and difficulties of this project are to think ways to attract the investors and to increase the feasibility of this project. In order to attract the investors, we estimate all the revenues and expenses so as to let the investors understand the benefits for them to invest in it, as we believe that the most important thing to investors is profits. Therefore, we think of many...
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