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Business Plan – SoapsbyBeth.com

Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary
II. Business Description
     a. Products/Services Offered
     b. Mission Statement
     c. Industry
     d. Business Goals and Objectives
     e. Business Models - Revenue and Payment
III. Marketing
     a. Market Analysis/Market Forecast
     b. Target Markets
     c. Marketing Strategy
IV. Competitor Analysis
     a. Competition
     b. Strengths and Weaknesses
     c. Competitive Advantage
V. Conclusion
VI. References
Executive Summary

Soaps by Beth is a start up business that will specialize in hand-made all natural soaps and other toiletries created by Beth Brothers, who is the founder of the company. These all natural products will include soap, bath salts, lotions, moisturizers, scrubs, and body oils. Our products differ from the commercialized products as we use all natural, local ingredients for our soaps, lotions, etc. Soaps by Beth started out of a small retail location, and have our products in local pharmacies. We look to expand our business to a larger market by utilizing the web as a channel for marketing, selling, and advertising our products. Already selling our products out of our retail location, we have a consumer base that we aim to grow. We will do so by using social media and blogs to advertise to the younger crowd who may not know about us yet. Global sales of natural and organic beauty products are projected to reach USD 9 billion this year. The market for natural and organic beauty products is widening availability, which is a major driver of the growth in the market. Brands that offer natural products that are natural are entering drugstores, supermarkets, and pharmacies. Larger cosmetic companies are also entering in with natural lines. Competitive stakes are growing with new entrants while the market growth rates are slow. With the experience and clout that Soaps by Beth already has, it will definitely attract new customers with the use of the internet and its marketplace.

II. Business Description
a. Products/Services Offered
i. Products:
1. Soap
2. Bath Salts
3. Lotion
4. Facial Cleansers
5. Scrubs
6. Body Oil
All products will come in a range of different natural scents using oil and extracts that are added to a natural soap base. They will also vary in uses i.e. dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, etc. In the future we will also be offering sets that will combat acne and other skin problems using ingredients found in our earth. Everything will be free of artificial preservatives, artificial colors, and chemical additives. All of our products will be CRUELTY FREE.

ii. Services:
Services that Soaps by Beth will provide are all geared towards serving our customer and their needs. We will offer and online chat that will allow customers to find out what products will be best for them and a Q&A forum that will have everything you will need to know about any information needed to make a purchase.

b. Mission Statement
Our mission at Soap by Beth is to provide our customers with the freshest ingredients in our soap to provide them with quality products that they can trust. Our company will strive to have great customer service that excels in helping and providing customers with their personal care needs. c. Industry

Global sales of natural and organic beauty products are projected to reach 9 billion USD in 2011. While the consumer demand remains excited, the growth rates are slowing because of the weak economy. Natural and organic product have 2% of global personal care product sales. In USA the market share has reached around 10%.

Many larger companies are building natural lines in addition to their existing lines, which show that natural products are in demand now. d. Business Goals and Objectives
Implement an online store that will help...

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