X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Topics: X-ray absorption fine structure, Chemistry, Spectroscopy Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: May 7, 2014
X-ray Absorption
X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) techniques probe
short- and medium-range order, yielding information on
bond lengths, coordination numbers, local coordination
geometry and the oxidation state of atoms for a wide
range of solid and liquid systems. XAS experiments
require an intense, tunable photon source only available
at synchrotrons.

• medium and high energy (from atomic number Z=20
upwards) XAS, XANES (x-ray absorption near-edge
structure), XAFS (extended x-ray absorption fine
structure) and XES (x-ray emission spectroscopy)
• bright and highly stable scanned monochromatic
photon beam covering a large energy range
• accessible elements are Ca to Nd (K edge) and
Pm to U (L edge with k > 15Å-1)
• the EXAFS region of an XAS spectrum provides
structural information such as bond length,
coordination number and disorder
• the XANES region provides chemical information
such as local coordination geometry and
oxidation state
• fast-scanning XAS can be used to develop
methodologies for determining the structures of
intermediates in biochemically-important enzymatic

Around the world, XAS beamlines are in high demand
for applications in the biological, chemical, earth,
environmental, materials and physical sciences and
engineering. The technique complements protein
crystallography studies, and the two are frequently
used in combination to determine challenging
structures. Widely used by both specialists and
non-specialists, XAS is a mature technology that is also
enabling the advancement of new areas of science.

• identification of therapeutic target sites, such as the metal-binding sites that may be responsible for some
of the pathological effects of Alzheimer’s disease
• elucidation of the chemistry associated with enzyme
catalysis, particularly in relation to the influence of
redox or charge state on the electronic and molecular
structure of...
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