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  • Premarital Sex - 1171 Words
    Issue 1: Premarital Sex All religions of the world do not permit pre-marital, extra-marital or non-marital sex. Prohibition of pre-marital sex is necessary to encourage people to get married and stay married as well as strengthening the marriage. Sexual desire must be related to love that is deep and a person ought to have sex with only one person each time. Meaning: Pre-marital sex: Pre marital sex is a term which refers to voluntary sexual intercourse between persons not...
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    Rizal Technological University Boni Campus, Mandaluyong City CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF PRE-MARITAL SEX TO TEENAGERS Researchers: Custorio, Servino T. Barro, Vina Jane CEIT-19-301E/WS 6:00pm-7:30pm Professor: Ms. Leagieren Kates Aquino Thesis Statement: Topic Outline: INTRODUCTION I. Background Of Study A)...
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    HereSociology Research Foreign History 5 Philippine History 7 Chapter III Representation of the study Analysis 9 Chapter IV Summary and Conclusion 22 Chapter V References 23 CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the study Sexuality and sensuality in the Philippines or Filipino... Premium6742 Words27 Pages The Causes and Effects of Pre-Marital Sex Causes and Effects on Premarital Sex” by Stephanie Joyce Uymatiao for English IV Second Term 2007-2008 Submitted to Miss Melfe Cañolas Cuizon...
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  • Premarital Sex and Euthanasia - 339 Words
    Pros and Cons of Premarital Sex and Euthanasia Purpose: To Inform in debate form to the audience about the Pros and Cons of Sex before Marriage and the act of Euthanasia. Specific Purpose: To come to a better understanding about both topics and to sort out the main Pros and Cons of each topic individually. Thesis Statement: Sex before Marriage and Euthanasia have many fascinating facts and opinions to support one another. I will discuss...
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  • virginity should not be a taboo subject in morocco
    Soumaya Gnaou SSK 1212 01 12th July 2013 Final paper Virginity Should Not Be a Taboo Subject in Morocco Virginity has long been considered as a taboo subject in Morocco. Many are the families who refer to this subject as hachouma: a word that in this context, means an excuse to avoid speaking about the subject. To be more specific, it’s a way of saying that we should feel shame while talking about this revolutionary topic. But what is it about virginity that makes most Moroccans...
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  • Reasons Why Street Children Exist
    Why do street children exist? That is the question playing in my mind. Who is to be blame for this? What’s the effect of this to the society we’re living? Many factors and aspects could be the reason of their existence. “Street children is a word which can be used with different kinds of children. They can be children who work on the streets by doing errands or selling items. Street children may spend a lot of time in the streets, but sleep at home. They can also live permanently on the streets...
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  • Every Cloud Has a Sliver Lining
    Social ills if were to define individually, social in Wikipedia refers to a characteristic of living organisms as applied to populations humans and other animals. It always refers to the interaction of organisms with other organisms and to their collective co-existence, irrespective of whether they are aware of it or not, and irrespective of whether the interaction is voluntary or involuntary[1]. Ills literally can be defined as not healthy, unsound, disaster and harm.[2] A social ill in...
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  • Paksa - 2362 Words
    Paksa 1: Mga gawaing taliwas sa Batas ng Diyos Superstition Superstition is the belief in supernatural causality—that one event leads to the cause of another without any natural process linking the two events—such as astrology, religion, omens, witchcraft, etc., that contradicts natural science. Opposition to superstition was central to the intellectuals during the 18th century Age of Enlightenment. The philosophes at that time rejected any belief in miracles, revelation, magic, or the...
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  • Thesis Chapter 3 Example
    CHAPTER III METHODOLOGY Descriptive Design The researcher used the descriptive design because the study focused on how the high school students of Palawan Hope Christian School view about premarital sex. Descriptive research is defined as a purposive process of gathering, analyzing, classifying, and tabulating data about prevailing conditions, practices, beliefs, process, trends, and cause-effect relationships and then making adequate and accurate interpretation...
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  • Baby Dumping in Malaysia ; Causes and Solutions.
    Malaysia is grappling with the rising cases of abandoned babies, "forcing" the Malaysian police to investigate baby-dumping cases under the Malaysian Penal Code for murder or attempt murder. The Malaysian public blame premarital sex on the over-exposure to sexually-liberal western culture, while the Malaysian government considers including sex education in school syllabus. Experts, on the other hand, say the first step to curb the rising trend is to start educating the young about their...
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